The season is off to a good start with mixed conditions and good numbers. We have had a successful development day with about 20 people having their first Etchells experience. Last week’s Club Championship in a fresh westerly was a great day out and pretty interesting.
By now you will have received a Notice of Special General Meeting that has been called to propose changes to sail acquisition process and limits. I encourage you all to review the proposals. 
There are a number of issues that are unclear about this proposal as there was no explanatory note and the voting process is unclear (are proxies allowed?) and I have sought further information.
The proposals themselves, particularly the abolition of sail acquisition limits, are arguably the biggest rule changes that our class has seen in 50 years. The Fleet Committee has considered the proposals and has significant concerns on the basis of increasing cost and complexity - two issues which the Class has managed well and that have made the Class attractive over the years. Having said that, we are open to some reasonable reform to sail acquisition limits.
We are keen to ensure that all views are considered and will hold a short meeting this Saturday 26 October at RSYS on the lower terrace at 1030hrs to discuss. The Fleet Committee will then take the Fleet’s position back to the IGC. I apologise for the short notice; if you cannot make it please do call or email me should you have any questions or comments.

Mike Tyquin
Fleet Captain

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


There is always a sizable fleet  with the Etchells… And this is because since their inception just over 50 years ago there has been a strong conviction by the Corinthians to be a part of the best One Design sailing going around. It is as true today as ever, for there are boat numbers from the 8 and 900s still being campaigned hard, whether as part of their local fleet, or trailered across the land to compete in different waters.

The 2020 Etchells Australian Championship is to be held from January 7 out of the home base for the Melbourne Fleet, the Royal Brighton Yacht Club. As usual, the fleet will showcase some of this country's sailing greats, including current Etchells Australian and World Champions, Iain Murray, Colin Beashel and Richie Allanson. Olympic Gold Medallist, America's Cup sailor, and recently crowned SailGP winner, Tom Slingsby will also be there, as too the ever youthful, multiple Australian and World Champion, John Bertrand AO. 

“However, while the best of the best continue to return to the Etchells for what is so highly regarded as being the best fleet racing in Australia, at the heart of this truly one design class is the Corinthian. For it is in this one simple word that the spirit of the Etchells Class is perhaps best represented, encapsulating notions of camaraderie and mateship in pursuance of the highest standards of amateur sportsmanship”, said International Etchells Class of Australia President, Mark Roberts.

“And I will tell you what, there are not too many classes where you are able to enjoy the benefits of being truly Corinthian while at the same time mixing it up against the professionals in the same patch of water. And there is nothing better than beating them!”

“In recognition of the importance of the Corinthian division, and growing their presence within the Etchells class, the Australian Association has determined to implement a few changes. Notably and importantly, the Corinthian fleet is going to be offered to join in with additional coaching, and the trophy itself will be given even more importance as part of the whole equation, before, during, and especially after the racing is done.”

“Maintaining the focus on the Corinthian element is of critical importance in our current and future plans for the Etchells class. This echoes the attitude not only here in Australia, but also internationally. We are currently enjoying tremendous growth on the back of the Brisbane World Championship. With the Perth Worlds in November 2020, and the Worlds also returning to Melbourne in 2023, the growth of the class is only expected to increase significantly. At a grass roots level this by virtue of the interest and drive of the amateurs within our fleets."

So what is about being a Corinthian?

Arguably the best place to start is with the new Melbourne Fleet Captain, James Bacon, who in a lot ways epitomises the newer type of Etchells sailor – in love with it, competing hard and as often as they can, and also rising up to the challenge of taking on an office inside the Fleets and Executive.

Bacon commented, “We’re definitely pretty excited about it. There is a good energy around the place, especially now that we have secured the 2023 World Championship. We are aiming for 40 boats at the Australian Championship next January, and it would be great to crack 50 boats. We are really wanting to see some of the fleets closer to Melbourne, like Geelong and Metung, get totally behind this title, and we could well do 50 boats if that occurs.”

“We know there are boats form Adelaide, Sydney, and Brisbane too that are keen, and we will make anyone from Perth very welcome. Just make contact with us”, added Bacon.

Buying into the fleet in 2011, Bacon upgraded to his newer boat, Vendetta, in 2016, and with a young family, including children aged three and five, he juggles all of that and a new company he started. He’s also quick to point out that his wife makes it all possible. “We’ll be sailing each week from now on.” 

Having also taken on the role of Fleet Captain, he is keen to see participation continue to rise. Looking to his own pathway, Bacon commented, “There is a large proportion of Etchells that are affordable. You can find a competitive vessel for $20k-30, and be in the mix when you attend regattas. It is a great point from which to build a team. You do have to be in it for a few years to get the rewards, but they are significant and well worth the effort. This is exactly why I have stuck with it myself, for there are always new goals on offer.”

“You know where you are straight away in Etchells, and get your rewards on the track virtually instantaneously. You can get started with an older boat, sail more often as you require lower crew numbers, and then when you have more time and budget, you can opt for new sails and so forth and get even more competitive. I love the class because you are switched on the whole time, which is different to sitting on the rail as part of a large crew on a big boat.”

“I was 30 years of age when I first bought in, so it is possible, and mates can always chip in together to get racing sooner. Owning is a pleasure, you do make your own decisions, which is really a big thing in the scheme of it, and this is genuinely something attainable in your 30s and 40s.”

“It really is all about the close racing and good friendships. We have approachable people inside the fleet and we have crews like Damien King’s, Barry, Kirwan Robb’s, Triad, and Ian ‘Biggles’ Johnson driving John Collingwood’s, Dawn Raid. There is plenty of quality sailing to be had…”, said Bacon in closing.

Jason Hawkins from the Brisbane Fleet is a bit like James Bacon. Younger than some, and also recently elevated to Fleet Captain, Hawkins said, “I am intending on attending. We’ll take our boat, Knot Easy (AUS876) down to Melbourne. It is David Clark’s old boat (current Vice President IECCA). Sailing Etchells is a bit like golf. You have one or two shots in a round that are just glorious, and it is enough to keep you coming back! It is a brutal game, but when it all works there is nothing better.”

“At the 2018 World Championship we were right in there at a mark rounding, and had to gybe back to find a hole, and went from 15th to 70th - that’s Etchells.”
“I was crewing on bigger boats for five or six years, doing offshore race including a Hobart, as well as club racing on a Sydney 38. I just did not like not really knowing how good you were as a yachtsman. On my way to sailing I would drive past the Etchells and I always wanted to do it. The opportunity came to buy, so we went in boots and all…”

“Looking for the brutal honest truth was tough, and the learning curve was steep - two to three seasons, as the competition is strong all the way through the fleet. Equally, the camaraderie of the fleet is really strong, with loads of encouragement always on offer. It is brilliant to race against the likes of Matt Chew, and we crossed in front of them once, to which they said over the water, ‘That’ll never happen again’.  The competitiveness and humour go hand in hand.”

“It is our sixth season coming up now. Jim Snow was the other purchaser and we have Chris Nezmah on board too. He had never sailed before Etchelling, and we gave him the pointy end. He’s now Treasurer of the fleet.”

“I was heavily involved in the Worlds, saw how it was run, and saw the input of Noel Paterson and David Healey amongst others. Now was a good time to inject new life and eyes, as well as a fresh approach too, so I put the hand up, and walked into the challenge.”

Hawkins concluded by saying, “Etchells is always seen as the competitors class, and this too is what brings the pros along, as it is the benchmark class that others would like to get to. However, for me it is about grass roots, and this is why we encourage it and look to the community aspects, just has much as the competition. My M.O is to get people turning up regularly, especially from our female and youth sector.”

Peter Stubbings from, Men’s Shirts (AUS1141) has been around a little longer (some 20 years now), and simply says, “They are great boat, look fabulous, and in the right wind, right waves, with the right trim, they are spectacular.”

Quite jovial, Stubbings added almost immediately, “I’m glad we don’t do Olympic courses anymore. I started in the mid-90s with a second-hand boat some mates and I bought. In 1999 we updated to a new Pacesetter, which has been great. She’s lovingly cared for, and pretty competitive. We have been fortunate to have a permanent roster of crew to sail three-up, consisting of my sister Ann, Ross Melville, and Dick Stephens. We are all good friends, and I think we sail her well, with as few dramas as we can hope for, and are harmonious and quiet.”

As for the racing, Stubbings says, “There is an amazing depth of talent and skill in the fleet. Mugs like me can mix it up, and still be competitive with the superstars. At the big regattas the best of the best may be in front, but not necessarily all the time, and it could well be just a few metres in it. Being in amongst the best in the world is definitely part of the attraction.”

“It is emotional, and then there is the physical art of sailing the boat, so it is a good workout for both the left and right side of the brain. Most of the really good crews share their knowledge, so that the bar rises for everyone, and they are keen to see everyone go faster. You might have to ask, but they will tell.”

“We do like to travel, but Perth has been a bit challenging due to our jobs. A good road trailer, and all the lifting gear have made it so much easier than borrowing or hiring. As a result, a lot of the Eastern seaboard regattas become pretty easy, and can be done inside 24 hours notice”, said Stubbings in closing.

Kirwan Robb commented, “We’re excited about getting back into the Etchells. We’re older and wiser, but still one of the young ones in this fleet. We all have young families now, so it’s always fun trying to juggle that with sailing. We’re still campaigning Ikon, the family Beneteau 45, as well, and recently returned from Hamilton Island where we won our IRC division.” 

“We bought Triad in January a week before the Nationals, and surprised ourselves with how well we went, placing a very credible fourth. It’s very nice to know that you have a boat that is fast. As long as we get the tactics right, we can do well. We love the challenge of this class. Etchells is the best one-design class in Australia and the calibre of sailor it attracts is incomparable, with competitors including Glenn Ashby, Tom Slingsby and John Bertrand.”

“Although we had Darren ‘Twirler’ Jones for the last Nationals, we’re planning to go back to our Corinthian ways and compete with our mates, Rodney Muller and Brett Taylor, and possibly also persuade Hugo Allison, recent Australian Champion in the Cadet, to sail with us again. First up is the Nationals at Brighton, then next year the Worlds in Fremantle. We can’t wait to get out there.”

Of course the competition will be hot as always, whether you’re talking between first and second, or 31st and 32nd. Alas, to make all of that happen you have to book in, and the NOR as well as entry can be found here - - so that means you need to start clicking away now, charter a boat if necessary, or ensure the brakes have been inspected on the road trailer, and get set to play in the clam and flat, or tempestuous and mogul laden waters of Port Phillip. If you’re lucky, you may even get to have it all in just the one day. WooHooooo!

Photo of racing on Port Phillip by

Sails - moderate use

1 x Etchells Norths Main $300
1 x Etchells Norths Jib FLR $250
1 x Etchells Norths Jib DC $200

Contact Marc Wait, 0400 046 372, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

More at

Have you ever wanted to sail the world's best one design keelboat? Well here’s your chance!

The Sydney fleet is holding a development day on Saturday 21 September at RSYS. They have 6 boats available in the morning and will orientate you around the features of the boat and take you out on the water. You will then have an opportunity to join in Club racing in the afternoon and enjoy some real on-water action. 

1030hrs coffee, meeting and briefing
1100-1200hrs Test sail experience
1200-1600hrs Race experience
After racing join us for free drinks and snacks at the Club. 

If study, family and life have taken you away from sailing recently, this is an ideal opportunity to be involved again, either on a casual or regular basis. What are you waiting for?
Register your interest at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The Southport Yacht Club in conjunction with the Gold Coast Fleet will host the 2019 QLD Championship at the Southport Yacht Club Hollywell Squadron and Main Beach from Friday 8th to Sunday 10th of November 2019.

The predictable weather and superb sailing conditions will be a big drawcard and a large, competitive fleet is anticipated. 

>> NOR, SI and entries here

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Friday 8th November
Registration @ SYC Main Beach 0800-1600hrs

Saturday 9th November             
Registration @ SYC Main Beach 0830-930hrs                                                    
Skippers Briefing @ SYC Main Beach 0930hrs
Race 1 Warning 1155hrs
Race 2 ASAP after Race 1
Race 3 ASAP after Race 2

Sunday 10th November
Skippers Briefing @ SYC Main Beach 0800hrs
Race 4 Warning 1055hrs
Race 5 ASAP after Race 4
Race 6 ASAP after Race 5

Presentation of Prizes at SYC Hollywell 1700hrs approx.

Last year I wrote that the fleet, as with the national fleet, has become more oriented around regatta format sailing, and 2018/19 saw a continuation of this trend.

The positive side of this has been the great attendance by, and success of, Sydney Fleet crews at major regattas.

The success of Martin Hill, Julian Plante, Matt Belcher and Sean O’Rourke in a 90+ boat fleet in Brisbane was a wonderful achievement by Martin and his team. To then have Iain Murray win his second World Championship (25 years after his first) with Colin Beashel (his 3rd) and Richie Allanson in Texas in June in a smaller but talent-laden fleet was equally meritorious.

In addition to these results it should be noted that Sydney Fleet boats currently hold the Australian Championship (Iain, Colin and Richie), NSW Championship (Colin, Richie and Henry Kernot), the Queensland Championship / 2018 Pre-Worlds (Tom King, David Edwards, Ivan Wheen and Greg O’Shea). In addition James Mayo and Richie won the Victorian States with Graeme Taylor.

My sense is that this level of success is unprecedented. Congratulations. The preparation of the top Sydney crews has clearly been a huge part of the success but also has contributed much to the class in the last few years. In particular, Richie Allanson should be recognised for assisting many people in our fleet and reinvigorating the sale of new Australian built Etchells.

Beyond the winners, our fleet has been the most travelled fleet of all in Australia and proven that across our fleet, both home and away, there is great competition to be had.

The travel of our fleet and particularly the timing of the Brisbane Worlds - most of our 16 boats were based in Brisbane leading up to the regatta and understandably had a break after - meant that the start of last season was a bit slow in terms of numbers, however this recovered after Christmas and peaked for the Eaton Cup Mini Regatta on the last day of the season with John Bertrand visiting and besting a 24 boat fleet.

Across our Club racing, Christian Brook took the Club Championship and Mini Regatta pointscores.

Our fleet member numbers were down on the year prior which had benefitted from members being attracted by our hosting of the NSW State Championships.

The Milsons Silver Goblets attracted a usual high quality fleet in good numbers with Rupert Henry stepping in for Tom King on board Iron Lotus with David Edwards, Ivan Wheen and Greg O’Shea for the win.

Over the winter we tested a training weekend format with thanks to JC Strong, GT and James Mayo’s support that was well attended by 11 boats. We have taken some very high quality drone footage that will be converted into a training video for use by the fleet. The format used will be the basis of the training days scheduled for the upcoming season.

Following last year’s AGM, we did address the cost of Etchells sailing with RSYS. At this stage RSYS is not inclined to directly reduce costs however is open to other in kind opportunities which are yet to be assessed by the fleet.


Fleet development and 2019/20 program

Looking at race day numbers in last few seasons and working with RSYS, the Committee has made some changes to the 2019/20 season with the intention to simplify the calendar and drive participation.

The guiding principles have been to:

  • Create a clear calendar of key events
  • Simplify the pointscore model
  • Avoid clashes where possible with other major events (eg CYCA BWS)
  • Manage RSYS calendar events particularly after Christmas that has limited scheduling
  • Have specific dates for training and fleet development baked into the calendar


The key changes are;

  • There are two separate pointscores for the season
    • Club Championship comprising single race days
    • Mini regattas comprising 3 race days
  • Milsons Silver Goblets will be November, Monday to Friday
  • World Championship qualifiers – to be held across February and March 2020
  • Creation of stand alone non-pointscore days that will be used as training / development days – there will still be a 1245 start line but will be a non PS race
  • Creation of specific Corinthian categories for pointscores


Development program

The Committee now has engagement with the RSYS Youth Committee and we hope to be able to more effectively link crews to owners.

Following last year’s call for owners’ interest in supporting the establishment of a development path, we have two owners who have generously indicated that they have boats available for use.

The Committee has also considered acquiring up to two additional boats to provide a total of four boats that would on clear terms be available for use on a full season commitment basis to crews (approx. 20-26 years). One of the key dependencies is

that we would require RSYS to forego hardstand fees and subject to agreement at the AGM, a formal proposal will be finalised to table with RSYS.


Future Regattas

With Perth hosting the 2020 Worlds and Melbourne hosting the 2023 Worlds, it is important that our own fleet has a clear regatta plan. We seem likely to host the NSW state championship in 2022 and based on the State based rotation for the Australian Championship, the 2022 /23 Nationals.

Good sailing and I look forward to seeing you for our new season in a few weeks.


Mike Tyquin

August 2019

Notice of Annual General Meeting, 6pm Thursday 1 August at RSYS.

1. Apologies
2. Minutes of 2018 Meeting
3. President's report
4. Financial report
5. Youth team proposal
6. 2019/20 season programme overview
7. National and International Assoc matters
8. General Business

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As part of your 2019/20 equipment audits, the club requires that the lifting slings for RSYS hardstand boats must be inspected and tagged at least annually, by an approved sling servicing agent.

On Saturday 24 August (only) 9am to 12pm, the Sailing Office has organised a representative from ‘All Lifting’ to be onsite to inspect and tag slings as proof of inspection. This service is free of charge.

If you or a representative from your boat, are unable to attend the equipment audit on this day, you have a few options:

- Organise someone else on 24 August to have your slings inspected and tagged on your behalf
- Take your slings to an approved sling inspector and have them inspect and tag your slings. 'Sydney Lifting Equipment' in Brookvale is able to inspect slings. Please note SLE will charge you for this.
- For new slings, auditors will accept a purchase receipt not more than 8 weeks prior to the date of your audit in lieu of a sling inspection. You must present this receipt at the time of the audit.

Book an equipment audit with Rob Ridley at  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Congratulations Martin Hill on winning the Australian NSW/ACT Male Sailor of the Year.

In handing out the award, Vice-Commodore of the Middle Harbour Yacht Club Alister Copley highlighted that in October 2018 Hill won the Etchells World Championship in Brisbane ahead of a 90 plus boat field that included seven past Etchells world champions, numerous champions from other classes and several Olympians.

View the full list of award winners here

More photos from the presentation night here

Iain Murray, Richie Allanson and Colin Beashel have won the 2019 Etchells World Championships in Corpus Christi, Texas, USA.  The Havoc team were clinical in their sailing all through the event and led the regatta from the end of day one and continued to lead the regatta everyday thereafter to comfortably win the event by two points from their fellow Australians on Magpie: James Mayo, Graeme Taylor and Tom Slingsby.

It was a fantastic regatta for all the competing Sydney Fleet teams who finished in the top half of the 37 strong fleet, drawn from across the globe and featuring previous Etchells world champions, Olympic gold medalists and America's cup sailors. The excellent performances by all of the RSYS Etchells teams at the World Championships highlights the enormous depth of talent amongst our fleet, producing back to back Etchells Worlds champions for two years in a row following on from Martin Hill's win at the 2018 Etchells Worlds in Brisbane. Martin and his crew finished a very respectable 8th in the 2019 event.

Congratulations on great results.

View full results here

Etchells 2019 Australasian Championship
Mooloolaba Yacht Club

Congratulations Top 40: Peter Merrington, Geoff Bonouvrie and Ian McKillop for their 2nd place!

A fantastic performance from Jeanne-Claude Strong, Marcus Burke, Kate Devereaux and Seve Jarvin on AUS1435, coming 8th in the high calibre international fleet of 30.

Well done also to Whenanif, Vincero, AUS1463, Great White Hunter, Thelastone, Northern Havoc.

>> view full results here

Photo Adventures of a Sailor Girl - Nic Douglass

Congratulations Martin on being named RSYS Yachtsman of the Year at Friday night's prize giving event.

The Idris Cup is awarded to a Squadron Member who has achieved outstanding results at local, national or international sailing events. The recipient must also demonstrate the art of good seamanship and a sportsmanlike conduct.

Martin joined the Sydney Etchells Fleet four years ago, before which he had been a world class campaigner in the Farr 40 class. In November he won the Etchells World Championship in Brisbane ahead of a 90 plus boat field that included seven past Etchells world champions, numerous champions from other classes and several Olympians. He commissioned a new boat, assembled an outstanding team and after strong regatta performances leading in to the event, sailed with unmatched consistency. 

Presenting the trophy, RSYS Captain Karyn Gojnich said, 'The Etchells Class remains the pinnacle for one design keelboat sailing in Australia and a leading class on the global stage. Martin's win underlines the strength of his planning, determination and skills to achieve the highest accolade. In addition he demonstrates great humility and generosity as participant in the Class.'


Photo by Darcie Collington Photography

Nev Wittey is co-ordinating a training weekend for JC Strong and Graeme Taylor's crews ahead of the Mid Winter Championship in Mooloolaba and has kindly extended an invitation for Sydney Fleet crews to participate.

It is proposed that sessions will be held on the mornings of

Friday 24, Saturday 25 and Sunday 26 May 

commencing on water at 1030hrs and finishing early afternoon. Short pre sail briefing and post sailing de-briefs will be held.

To assist with planning (RIBs, coaches, possibly a drone etc) please confirm your interest so that the sessions can be well planned and participants can get the most out of the training. 

If you can’t sail but are interested in helping (E.g. RIB driving) please do let us know. 

Please contact Mike Tyquin This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  0422 381 151 or Nev Wittey This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 0412 483 344 to register your interest. 


We regret that the dinner on Friday 29 March has been cancelled as bookings were very low and unlikely to meet the minimum required by RSYS to proceed. We will effect refunds to those that had booked. 

We are however planning an alternative, more casual gathering at the Club after our final sail on Saturday 6 April. Details to follow. 

The Fleet Committee













Rupert Henry has steered Iron Lotus to a convincing win at the 2019 Milson Silver Goblets. Onboard were Dave Edwards (owner, main) Greg O'Shea (trim) Josh Chant 5th on Friday.)

1    Iron Lotus (EAUS1442)    Rupert Henry        9
2    Yandoo XX (EAUS868)    Neville Wittey    11
3    Top 40 (EAUS1332)         Peter Merrington & Geoff Bonouvrie    14
4    Flirtation (EAUS1026)      Matthew Crawford        15
=    Synergy (EAUS1272)      David Chapman        15
=    Havoc (EAUS1461)         Iain Murray        15

>> full results here

Iron Lotus joins an illustrious honour roll >> view all the winners since 1971


The annual Milson Silver Goblets regatta has got off to a fantastic start - 22 boats are contesting the five daily twilight races hosted by RSYS on magnificent Sydney Harbour. 

The leaderboard after three races:

1    Iron Lotus (EAUS1442)    David Edwards    
2    Ciao (EAUS1244)              Douglas Mcgain    
3    Flirtation (EAUS1026)       Matthew Crawford    
4    Vincero (EAUS1343)         Nick Kingsmill    
5    2107 Racing (EAUS1213)  Jason Antill    
=    Top 40 (EAUS1332)           Peter Merrington & Geoff Bonouvrie 



Race Officer Ian Kingsford Smith has this update:

Racing in the first heat on Monday was frustrating for the 19 competitors and the race management team. The forecast southerly winds never eventuated and the wind at the scheduled start time was north easterly. However as soon as the race committee set up the course for a NE wind, it began to veer to the right. After a general recall and a minor tweak of the course, the race committee attempted another start but it soon became quite obvious that the breeze was continuing to go right.

The start was postponed and the course was relocated. The race committee eventually got the fleet away on Course 2 in an easterly breeze with a starting line just to the east of Garden Island and the windward marks at a bearing of 095 degrees and a leg length of 0.8 nm. Although the wind continued to go right and finally ended up as a south easterly, the race committee was in no position to swing the course any further south due to the presence of Point Piper. Race 1 was won by Flirtation sailed by Matthew Crawford, Neville Wittey came 2nd and Michael Bellingham 3rd. Everyone concurred that it was an extremely difficult evening for all.

The starting areas for Tuesday’s Race 2 and Wednesday’s Race 3 were off Clarke Island and both races were sailed in a 20 knot NNE wind with course legs of 1.4nm and a compass bearing of 025 degrees for Race 2 and course legs of 1.3nm and a compass bearing of 035 degrees for Race 3. The courses provided excellent racing with 20 boats starting Race 2 and a full complement of 22 in Race 3. Each race took just on 60 minutes and everyone agreed that the sailing conditions were most enjoyable. Race 2 was won by Ciao sailed by Doug McGain, with David Edwards finishing 2nd and Peter Merrington 3rd. Race 3 was won by 2107 Racing sailed by Jason Antill, Nick Kingsmill was 2nd and David Edwards 3rd.

Races 4 and 5 are scheduled for Thursday and Friday.

>> view results so far here

Top photo by Kylie Wilson
Further photos by Declan Brennan. 

Congratulations to Iain Murray, Richie Allanson and Colin Beashel who are this year's national champions. The regatta was hosted by the Brisbane Etchells Fleet and Royal Queensland Yacht Squadron from 13-18 January and the fleet comprised 27 boats. 

Allanson said afterwards, 'I am a buzzing a little right now as it all sinks in. This (result) was much needed after our Worlds campaign, where we had the potential to do well, but fell short, which is a tough thing to go through. So to bring it together this week was a big thing for the programme.

'The competition is hot in Etchells, and the bar has been raised, so you have to get cracking and think. There is lots of talent sailing around, and the class is in a good position', he added.


Also on the podium in third place was the crew of Lisa Rose, comprising Squadron Members Martin Hill and Julian Plante, crew team mates Mat Belcher and Sean O’Rourke. Jeanne-Claude Strong came 18th with her crew of Seve Jarvin, Marcus Burke and Kate Devereux.

Hill, the reigning World Champion, commented, 'We won the first race, which was great. From then on we were pretty consistent, and in the top ten mainly. No UFDs either, which certainly hampered a lot of crews here this week. We came into this regatta knowing about a couple of weaknesses, downwind especially; so learning to sail through the fleet was another positive from it all. We had to earn it all, especially when coming back from being quite deep, so we are pretty happy.'

1st Havoc AUS 1461 Iain Murray, Colin Beashel, Richard Allanson RSYS    
2nd Gen XY AUS 864 Matthew Chew, Brian Donovan, Ben Vercoe, Mitchell Kennedy RQYS             
3rd Lisa Rose AUS 1449 Martin Hill, Julian Plante, Mat Belcher, Sean O'Rourke RSYS

View full results here 

Read the full press release here
article and photos by John Curnow

Entries are now open for this premier Etchells regatta hosted by the Sydney Fleet and RSYS.

The week-long twilight series will run from Monday 28 January to Friday 1 February.   

NOR and online entries click here
SI will be published on 16 January.

Queries? This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Need crew? Looking for a boat? click here

How good was last time?! view photos here and videos here.


Although I felt disappointed with our overall result, it was a great regatta.

The organisation by RQYS was outstanding, from the measuring process through to communication and general conduct of the regatta.

The competition was fierce and the standard throughout the fleet high. It was noticeable how many renowned sailors found it very difficult to recover from poor positions. The long start lines and currents created opportunities and mysteries. I’m sure most are still trying to work it out!

Often one would feel well positioned with 500m to go to the top mark, only to have a shift to left or right and bring in 30 boats. The top mark roundings were generally ok, the bottom mark roundings were interesting to say the least when in a mid-fleet position.

The Race Officials did a pretty good job in difficult conditions throughout.

The Pre Worlds were held in ‘breezy’ conditions and the Worlds in ‘light’ conditions. This created challenges for many. The Pre Worlds at least resulted in that Grant Crowle Chinese gybe shot!

The use of trackers and drones really helped bring the event to life and is setting the standard for future regattas.

Michael Stovin-Bradford


Images by SurfSailKite and Adventures of a Sailor Girl

With the great memories (or emotional scarring) of the Worlds fading for our Fleet members returning from Brisbane, now's the time to get back into Saturday racing!

Last Saturday a dozen boats enjoyed fantastic conditions in the Mini Regatta. This week a little rain may come but a good sou'easter is forecast and with just five weeks of sailing left this year, now is the time get your crew organised or find a ride and go sailing.

NB it's a 1245hrs warning this week. We’re hoping to have at least 12 boats out and if we do then there will be a bottle of rum for the mid fleet boat. If you need crew or a ride then drop me a note at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

If you can’t make this week, the next Mini Regatta is on Saturday 24 November with a 1330hrs warning.

Also, don’t forget to put dates in your diary for the 2019 Milson's Silver Goblets: 28 January - 1 February!

Finally, Owner members of the class: you should have received your Class Ballot for Governors elections and rule changes - please do take the time to review and register your votes.

I hope to see you on Saturday.
Mike Tyquin


Image SurfSailKite

Congratulations Martin Hill, Julian Plante, Mat Belcher and Sean O'Rourke of Lisa Rose 1449 who have won the 2018 Etchells World Championship. 

Martin commented: 'It was both a thrill and relief to cross the finish line in the final race to win the 2018 Etchells World Championship. Nothing can prepare you for such a competitive 94 boat fleet and a starting line that is 1.2 km in length. It was the combined skill of Julian Plante on Main, Mat Belcher on Tactics, Sean O Rourke on the jib/kite and Michael Blackburn as our coach, that weaved the magic to give us  2,2,21,6,2, 1 & 6th  score line and 17 point wining margin.

'I should also mention congratulations to the AST with both Mat Belcher and Will Ryan with Victor Kovalenko as their coach, achieving 1 & 2nd  respectively overall. They are a class in their own.'  

Further Sydney Fleet Members also won prestigious awards: Iron Lotus 1442, comprising Tom King, David Edwards, Ivan Wheen and Greg O'Shea, took out the Corinthian trophy, and Jean-Claude Strong won the Female Helm award.

View full results here
More photos here

Photos by Emily Scott Images and Adventures of a Sailor Girl.

Congratulations to Sydney Fleet members Tom King, Ivan Wheen, Dave Edwards & Greg O'Shea of Iron Lotus 1442 for their convincing win in a fleet of 73 at the Etchells QLD State Championship. In third place was another Sydney boat: Havoc 1461, Iain Murray, Grant Simmer & Ritchie Allanson. Well done guys!

Dave Edwards commented 'We are really happy with the result! We're looking forward to the Worlds next week - the competition will definitely ratchet up a notch - there will be more than 90 boats on the start line and the Sydney Fleet will be well represented.'

The three day event was hosted by Royal Queensland Yacht Squadron and Etchells Brisbane and experienced lots of weather, as Grant Crowle's The Hole Way discovered - pictured left.

View final results here


Photos by Kylie Wilson and Nic Douglas.



RQYS is expecting 90 boats, along with their super-keen crews, from all around the globe for this premier regatta commencing 18 October. 

The fleet is a veritable armada of former World Champions in Etchells and other classes, America’s Cup stars, round the world ocean racers, as well as Olympic legends. Here’s a look at some of the formidable entrants from overseas…
>>

Barry Nesbitt, member of the Pittwater fleet and stalwart of the Etchells class, has passed away aged 91.

Family, friends and associates are invited to celebrate Barry's life on Wednesday, 5th September, 2018 at 12.30pm at The Public Dining Room, 2A The Esplanade, Mosman.

Set sail in an exclusive range of Fleet gear including jacket, polo, shorts, cap, long and short sleeved t-shirts designed by our new sponsor Henri Lloyd.

View the collection here

Order before 31 August to recieive your gear in time for the Worlds.

Sydney Fleet members benefit from a 20% discount across the entire Henri Lloyd range.
The discount code was advertised to Fleet members via a previous newsletter. Need assistance? This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


Important Dates

Compulsory Skippers Briefings 28 or 30 August 6-7pm
First race of the season (Mini regatta) 1 September
view the 2018/19 calendar here

Winter training

Grant Crowle has organised a RSYS RIB and Coach for weekend training: 8am start Saturday or Sunday mornings, until mid September. Whether or not you are going to the Worlds, if you are interested in participating please contact Grant for details at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


2018/19 crew and crewing opportunities

We have a number of skippers looking for crew and vice versa, so now is the time to get organised. Our fleet website has a crew section so if you are looking for crew or a crew position, click here

Please encourage your crew to subscribe to the Sydney Fleet newsletter.

The Sydney Etchells Fleet AGM will be held at 6pm on Friday 31 August at RSYS, with dinner to follow. 

The current office bearers have all indicated a willingness to stand again, however if you wish to join the committee, please do nominate as all assistance is gratefully appreciated.

1. Apologies
2. Adoption of 2017 AGM Minutes
3. Fleet Captain's Report
4. Treasurer's Report
5. Election of Office Bearers
6. IECAA Report
7. 2018/19 Program
8. Fleet Development
9. General Business

The meeting will be followed by dinner in the CCA.


Message from Brisbane Etchells:

Make sure you don't miss out on competing on the fabulous Moreton Bay race track. 
Get these dates in your calendar now. 



September 7-9       2018 Etchells Brisbane Fleet Spring Regatta

October 12-16         2018 Etchells Queensland State Championship (Pre Worlds)

October 18-27         2018 Etchells World Championships


January 13-18          2019 Australian National Championships


50th Anniversary Gala Dinner

Brisbane Etchells is proud to host the Worlds during the 50th Anniversary year of the first Etchells Worlds held in 1968.   To commemorate this extraordinary continuity in our one-design class and celebrate past champions, we will be hosting a Gala Dinner on Saturday October 20 at Royal Queensland Yacht Squadron.  The official invitation is being prepared now so look out for more details in the next couple of weeks.


if you need any further information, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Registrations are open now and there's an early bird discount if you apply by 20 July.

NOR & Entries at
List of competitors at

Reminder: you need to be a financial member of an International Etchells Class Fleet and a financial member of a Yacht or Sailing Club affiliated with its National Authority.

RQYS and the Brisbane fleet have a Loaner Boat program, with a fee of $5,000. Details here 




Ten champion yachts came together to challenge for the Varuna Trophy. This challenge is by invitation only and the invitees are the top place getters in RSYS various classes and divisions. This makes for very exciting and competitive racing.  

Winds on Saturday 14 April were strong and shifty, which made racing demanding but still a lot of fun, according to the sailors.

The winner of the 2018 Varuna Trophy is the RSYS flagged Etchells Roué skippered by Mike Morris and crewed by David Brittain on mainsheet and bowman Matthew Seidel.

“This is a wonderful way to complete the season” said the winner Mike. When asked about his race strategy, he said it was quite simple: "Get in front of Malcolm Shaw and stay there!”  Congratulations to all on Roué for a great victory.
Second place went to another RSYS boat, the Sydney 60, aptly named Sydney and skippered by David Kellett and Charles Curran. The third placed yacht was another Etchells: Plan A skippered by Andrew Patterson and sailing under the CYCA burgee. Congratulations to all.

A huge thank you to all competing champion yachts and we are looking forward to even greater numbers next year.

View the results here

The Etchells Class has survived and thrived by its members adhering to the one design principals. If we fall away from that we may as well tear up all that the Class stands for.

There are two issues which need clarification as in a minority of cases these rules are not being adhered to. We need to ensure we and our fellow competitors do adhere to these rules. A protest is a strengthening of our respect for sailing not a denigration of our fellow competitor. I am sure however that all competitors will work to stay in the rules.

Class Rule C 5 1
Notes the following:

•    (b) OPTIONAL
•    (1) Electronic or mechanical timing devices
•    (2) Magnetic compass
•    (3) Self contained digital compass – giving no more than direction, tacking prompt and timer

I have added the underline. Only those noted functions are allowed. Time to line, GPS positioning, time or speed over ground are not permitted. They are also not permitted in other devices such as your phone.

Etchells are a boat where the sails and the boat are one. Yes, there are very limited exceptions, but all of these require permission. It is not open slater. 
Refer to the following Class Rule

(h) Sails used in Etchells class racing shall comply with boats acquisition rights and shall be registered to the boat correctly with sail number and hull number matching except as determined and published by the IECA.

Keep sailing
David Ritchard
Australian Class President

Iain Murray’s Northern Havoc sailing for the Royal Sydney Yacht Squadron and Chris Hampton’s Tango from Brighton, Victoria, maintained the rage to finish first and second at the 2018 Etchells NSW title sailed on Sydney Harbour in superb conditions.

     >> View day 3 video here

     >> View day 3 photos here

“We’ve had lovely nor’easters for the past two days and quite strong ebb tides which really opened the race course and the opportunities, and you could see this in the scores,” Murray commented. “You had to get a good start and get up that first beat. It wasn’t easy. We had some good races and some less so - in the end our tough races weren’t as tough as for others.”

Murray and Hampton finished day one Captain and Commander respectively, and that’s how the final series scores panned out, just a single point separating the two front-runners after three days of hard grind hosted by the Sydney Etchells fleet.

“Iain and his crew really won the regatta on Saturday when they carried on with a broken backstay in the second race and then with a jury-rigged set-up posted a good score in race 6,” said Sydney Etchells Fleet Captain Mike Tyquin adding, “That performance really underlined how well they sailed”.

Martin Hill’s Lisa Rose moved into third overall from a 40-boat fleet representing NSW, Western Australia, Queensland and Victoria. Hill is spreading himself across two classes approaching the season-end; the Farr 40 nationals next month at the Royal Sydney Yacht Squadron as skipper of HillPDA Racing and the 2018 Etchells World Championship.

“This was our first regatta as a team on the new boat and we are building up to do as well as we can at the Brisbane worlds in October we’ve luckily already qualified for,” said tactician David Chapman. “We have a three-year campaign planned and we are trying to work out the best crew fit. Martin steers, Julian Plante’s on main and he used to steer, I’m doing tactics and I used to do main and Mark Langford is on the bow.

“In two weeks we are going to defend our Etchells NZ National Championship title, then we’ll do the Victorian States and then we are ramping up for the world championship at RQYS. We’ve committed to next year’s worlds in Texas then Fremantle the year after. After that Martin will decide whether he’s happy to continue; as he says, ‘it’s the best fleet in the world’,” Chapman added.

Matt Chew’s Gen XY was the highest placed Queensland team, fourth in the final standings against Royal Queensland Yacht Squadron clubmate Peter Conde’s Encore in seventh place and winning Etchells Grand Masters.

The Royal Perth Yacht Club team campaigning The Cure finished just outside the top 10 but in terms of their worlds preparation skipper Ray Smith said the series was perfect. “It was fun and challenging with difficult conditions on Friday. We had fairly specific goals for this regatta and while it’s nice to get higher up the results sheet they weren’t the only criteria - we were trying out a couple of new systems and sails, and it wasn’t my boat. A very tough fleet; at least 15 solid crews.”

One of four Royal Prince Alfred Yacht Club youth teams cracked a top ten finish on day three, Sunday February 18, 2018, skipper Will Dargaville leading the crew. He described Friday’s outing as “average” then on Saturday in the final race Pam was holed solidly at the bow (not their fault). A quick duck and sail-repair tape patch job later and the youth crew went back out on Sunday to finish tenth over the line in the series’ final race eight. A lucky draw winning ticket also gifted the team a brand new North Sails jib.

“We’ve been sailing for a couple of months; we’ve never really done big fleet keelboat racing and we improved each day,” the young skipper said. In awe of the talent on display Dargaville added: “the fleet quality this weekend will be hard to beat heading into the worlds.”

The RSYS’ next Etchells event is the Etchells Sydney Fleet’s world qualifying series March 27 to April 7 comprising seven races.

RSYS race officer Rob Ridley said Saturday and Sunday were picture perfect, nor’easters averaging 17 knots and boats spread across the width of the harbour from the start north of Clark Island to the top marks towards Watson’s Bay. “The fact they were using the whole harbour means they felt they could do well right across the course,” Ridley said.

The Sydney Etchells thanks fleet sponsors ZhikNorth Sails and Mercedes-Benz Sydney who between them provided excellent competitor prizes.

By Lisa Ratcliff/OCC

Photos by Andrea Francolini

EAUS1119 Northern Havoc have won the 2018 NSW Championship!

Congratulations Iain Murray with crew Richard Allanson and Paul Westlake, RSYS. 

2nd was 1443 Tango: Chris Hampton with Sam Haines and Charlie Cumbley, RBYC.

3rd was 1449 Lisa Rose: Martin Hill with Julian Plante, Mark Langford and David Chapman, MHYC.  


Pos Pts Name R3 R4 R5 R6 R7 R8
1 33 Northern Havoc 1 2 -16 7 12 1
2 34 Tango 2 11 1 2 7 5
3 46 Lisa Rose 15 1 2 1 4 -20
4 46 Gen XY 10 4 11 3 13 4
5 50 Ciao -22 5 9 4 14 6
6 50 Iron Lotus 5 9 7 6 3 -41



View videos here

Photos coming soon


Race 7 provisional results here

1 EAUS1445 The Cure Raymond Smith RPYC 0:51:16
 2 EAUS870 Encore Peter Conde RQYS 0:51:24
 3 EAUS1442 Iron Lotus Tom King RSYS 0:51:34
 4 EAUS1449 Lisa Rose Martin Hill MHYC 0:51:35
 5 EAUS1332 Top 40 Peter Merrington RSYS 0:51:48
 6 EAUS1436 Wobbegong 2 Doug Flynn RSYS 0:51:53


Race 8 provisional results here

 1 EAUS1119 Northern Havoc Iain Murray RSYS 0:56:29
 2 EAUS1383 Triad William Voerman RQYS 0:56:34
 3 EAUS870 Encore Peter Conde RQYS 0:56:42
 4 EAUS864 Gen XY Matthew Chew RQYS 0:56:43
 5 EAUS1443 Tango Chris Hampton RBYC 0:56:44
 6 EAUS1244 Ciao Doug McGain CYCA 0:57:00





Race 4 provisional results here *NB amended from those published earlier

 1 EAUS1449 Lisa Rose Martin Hill MHYC 0:54:44
 2 EAUS1119 Northern Havoc Iain Murray RSYS 0:55:56
 3 EAUS1436 Wobbegong 2 Doug Flynn RSYS 0:55:58
 4 EAUS864 Gen XY Matthew Chew RQYS 0:56:02
 5 EAUS1244 Ciao Doug McGain CYCA 0:56:05
 6 EAUS1392 Thelastone Steve Billingham RSYS 0:56:08

Race 5 provisional results here

 1 EAUS1443 Tango Chris Hampton RBYC 0:52:27
 2 EAUS1449 Lisa Rose Martin Hill MHYC 0:53:35
 3 EAUS870 Encore Peter Conde RQYS 0:53:37
 4 EAUS1332 Top 40 Peter Merrington RSYS 0:53:39
 5 EAUS1383 Triad William Voerman RQYS 0:53:41
 6 EAUS1446 This Thing of Ours David Turton RQYS 0:53:48


Race 6 provisional results here

1 EAUS1449 Lisa Rose Martin Hill MHYC 0:54:04
 2 EAUS1443 Tango Chris Hampton RBYC 0:54:36
 3 EAUS864 Gen XY Matthew Chew RQYS 0:54:58
 4 EAUS1244 Ciao Doug McGain CYCA 0:55:05
 5 EAUS1306 The Hole Way Grant Crowle RSYS 0:55:09
 6 EAUS1442 Iron Lotus Tom King RSYS 0:55:15

Watch the day 1 video here

Three races into the 2018 Etchells NSW Championship and the 1984 class world champion Iain Murray and one of his crew from that campaign lead the series and an A-grade fleet.

Each race produced a different top three on day one, Friday February 16, 2018, sailed in average 15 knot sou’easters on Sydney Harbour under the Royal Sydney Yacht Squadron and Sydney Etchells fleet banner. 

Murray’s Northern Havoc leads Chris Hampton’s Tango, the defending NSW champion from Victoria, and Tom King’s Iron Lotus, another former world championship heavyweight. 

“We had a good day considering we started with a recall in race one,” Murray said. “The sou’easter was pretty gusty giving quite a lot of opportunities for shifts. There’s plenty of golf left in this game.

“Paul Westlake was one of my winning crew in 1984 so other than the odd day yacht here and there it’s been 34 years between drinks.” Grant Simmer will replace Westlake when it comes to Murray’s final world championship line-up, with Richie Allanson the third crew member. “Richie and I are two peas in a pod,” the Australian Sailing performance director added. 

Hampton hasn’t reached the heights of world champion yet, but he’s managed some noteworthy class results and on debut at the state title was well placed among the talent pool he says goes very deep. 

“Our results improved as the day went on; we don’t have any local knowledge and having an island at the top end of the course was a new experience for us, and a bit of a handicap for the visitors. Our boat speed was good and we could hold lanes. We are on a worlds campaign taking in the major regattas and we’ll just keep pushing on.” 

Second in race one was Peter Alexander, a popular four-decade long Etchells veteran whose nickname is Pierre le Grand and boat name is Tonic. Explaining the moniker he says: “I had previously used long names and wanted a short name that was not serious, so Tonic, as in life not the drink with Gin, filled the brief.”

RSYS race officer Rob Ridley said the racing was compact and competitive with little spread between first and last finishers on two course areas, one starting in Taylor’s Bay and the other in Chowder Bay to accommodate the right trending breeze. 

“The fleet enjoyed fluctuating 15kts gusting up to 18, a bit of a lottery with the wind, plenty of summer sunshine and Sydney Harbour to themselves,” Ridley said, noting Saturday will bring the hordes from Sydney’s many yacht clubs plus recreational boaties out in numbers, thereby changing the series’ dynamics. 

Racing commences at 1330hrs on Saturday February 17 in forecast nor’easters and on Sunday the first warning is at 1230hrs with the presentation ceremony conducted at the host club immediately after racing.

The Sydney Etchells thanks fleet sponsors Zhik, North Sails and Mercedes-Benz Sydneywho between them have come up with some excellent competitor prizes.


Full results

Follow us at:


By Lisa Ratcliff/OCC

video by mikemcloughlinmoments

photo by darcicphotography

Here are the results from the first day of the three day championship.







Day 1 Provisional Pointscore here 


Race 1 provisional results here

1 EAUS868 Yandoo XX Jeanne-Claude Strong RSYS 0:50:10
2 EAUS1125 Tonic Peter Alexander RSYS 0:50:56
3 EAUS1244 Ciao Doug McGain CYCA 0:51:15
4 EAUS1219 Carabella IV Matthew McCann RSYS 0:51:29
5 EAUS870 Encore Peter Conde RQYS 0:51:53
6 EAUS1119 Northern Havoc Iain Murray RSYS 0:51:55


Race 2 Provisional results here

1 EAUS864 Gen XY Matthew Chew RQYS 0:55:08
2 EAUS1383 Triad William Voerman RQYS 0:55:27
3 EAUS1343 Vincero Nick Kingsmill / Peter Gardner CYCA 0:55:50
4 EAUS1119 Northern Havoc Iain Murray RSYS 0:55:51
5 EAUS1332 Top 40 Peter Merrington RSYS 0:55:53
6 EAUS1443 Tango Chris Hampton RBYC 0:55:54


Race 3 provisional results here.

1 EAUS1119 Northern Havoc Iain Murray RSYS 0:56:26
2 EAUS1443 Tango Chris Hampton RBYC 0:56:47
3 EAUS1330 Whisper II Bruce Ferguson RPAYC 0:57:05
4 EAUS868 Yandoo XX Jeanne-Claude Strong RSYS 0:57:22
5 EAUS1346 Avalon Michael Bellingham RSYS 0:57:32
6 EAUS1442 Iron Lotus Tom King RSYS 0:57:40

Photos and videos will appear soon at

Royal Sydney Yacht Squadron, the Sydney Etchells Fleet and our sponsors, North Sails, Zhik and Mercedes-Benz Sydney warmly welcome you. We hope that you have a great regatta.

RSYS Club Information

• Reception Reception is located in the main Club House access from the garden. The reception staff will be available to assist with any general club enquiries and can be reached on 02 9955 7171 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

• Food, drinks and dining Full bar service will be available on Thursday – Sunday. The Careening Cove Anchorage on level 3 will be open for breakfast and lunch on Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Bar service and dinner will be available on Friday night on the Shell Cove verandah on level 5. Dinner on Saturday night will be in the Careening Cove Anchorage. RSYS accepts payment by cash and major credit cards for visiting non-members.

• Parking Visitors should note that Friday, Saturday and Sunday are all race days for RSYS and as such on-site parking will be restricted to Members only.

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Registration will take place in the regatta office located at the lower level of the main clubhouse at the stairs leading up from hardstand adjacent to the boatshed. Registration and weigh in will take place between 1000hrs and 1800hrs on Thursday 15th February. Weigh in will also be available between 0900hrs and 1000hrs on Friday 16th February. Competitors are required to present;

• Hull Measurement Certificate – original with regatta skipper noted as an owner

• Category 7 Certificate – signed by an Australian Sailing safety auditor. Self-certification will not be accepted

• Insurance policy document or certificate of currency

• Sail Card – original with a maximum 5 sails that are recorded on the sail card to be identified for use

Competitors should note that all skippers are required to be a paid up Owner Member of the Etchells Class Association. Crews are required to be a paid up Associate Member of the Etchells Class Association. Membership can be purchased or renewed at Bow numbers will be allocated. A member of the Sydney Fleet will apply your bow numbers. Trot numbers will be allocated. Please do use your allocated trot number (marked on the buoy and also on the bollard on the dock) for the regatta. Please ensure that you have 2 good size fenders and adequate dock lines. Lunch orders will be taken on Thursday and available for pick up on each race day from the regatta office.

Social Program

Daily prize giving will take place immediately after racing on Friday and Saturday. A casual dinner will be held in the Careening Cove Anchorage on Saturday night from approx. 1830. Full menu and bar service will be available for competitors and guests. Payment can be made by RSYS House account, cash or credit card on the night. Indication of your attendance at registration would be appreciated and will assist RSYS with expected numbers. Sunday prize giving will take place as soon as possible after racing and particularly visiting boats have hauled out and packed.

Boat, sail repairs and chandlery

Sails - We are fortunate to have North Sails as a regatta sponsor who will be providing repairs and service.
Hull – RSYS shipwright will be on standby. Please contact Ned Brown, RSYS Waterfront Manager in the Boatshed Office This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 0411 586 314
Chandlery – Whitworths is located 5 mins from RSYS at Alexander Street, Crows Nest

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