'One Design Is One Not Two' - National Association

The Etchells Class has survived and thrived by its members adhering to the one design principals. If we fall away from that we may as well tear up all that the Class stands for.

There are two issues which need clarification as in a minority of cases these rules are not being adhered to. We need to ensure we and our fellow competitors do adhere to these rules. A protest is a strengthening of our respect for sailing not a denigration of our fellow competitor. I am sure however that all competitors will work to stay in the rules.

Class Rule C 5 1
Notes the following:

•    (b) OPTIONAL
•    (1) Electronic or mechanical timing devices
•    (2) Magnetic compass
•    (3) Self contained digital compass – giving no more than direction, tacking prompt and timer

I have added the underline. Only those noted functions are allowed. Time to line, GPS positioning, time or speed over ground are not permitted. They are also not permitted in other devices such as your phone.

Etchells are a boat where the sails and the boat are one. Yes, there are very limited exceptions, but all of these require permission. It is not open slater. 
Refer to the following Class Rule

(h) Sails used in Etchells class racing shall comply with boats acquisition rights and shall be registered to the boat correctly with sail number and hull number matching except as determined and published by the IECA.

Keep sailing
David Ritchard
Australian Class President

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