Mould 11 decision

Dear Etchells competitor,
I am writing to you following the communication yesterday from Andy Cumming, the Chair of the IECA International Governing Committee (IGC), regarding Mould 11 boats. It was issued to IECA owner members and can also be viewed on the Class website here.

In summary, as a result of a Rules Interpretation by World Sailing (WS), boats built by Pacesetter Yachts since 2011 from Mould 11 are not valid Etchells due to the fact that the mould itself was not approved by World Sailing, and under our Class Rules, Etchells Class yachts must be built from an approved mould.

One of the key elements of Andy's communication is that the IGC very much see M11 owners as innocent parties, that categorically, they are not cheats, and further, that past results will not be revisited or restated. Further, the IGC is working with WS to look at what options exist to keep M11 boats sailing (subject to the desires of National Associations). 

When I wrote on this subject last month, I indicated that the Fleet Committee would review any outcome from WS at the appropriate time, and last night the Sydney Fleet Committee met to discuss this issue. We have determined that as our principal objective is to maximise participation of sailing in our Fleet, all M11 boats will continue to race with us for the remainder of this season and that point scores will continue to their conclusion.

As our Club and Fleet events are not Sanctioned events under Appendix A, we do have some latitude in terms of the conduct of our racing (which we already exercise in many regards) and given the extraordinary circumstances the Class finds itself in, we have chosen to take a path to be inclusive, while the IECA and IECAA work through next steps.

We have had a great season with our numbers well up year on year and fantastic racing in good spirit, all despite the impacts of COVID; the Committee is very keen to see this continue, notwithstanding the current challenges the Class faces.

As I have said before, this is a complex issue with its origins more than a decade ago. If you have any questions please do feel free to raise those with me.

Good sailing 
Mike Tyquin
Sydney Fleet Captain

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