IGC Update and Fleet Forum

In December I was elected to the International Governing Committee (IGC) of our Class, the only Australian among the 10 elected Governors (note that Chris Hampton was also elected as a nominee of the GBR Assoc). Additionally, the IECAA (Australian Assoc) directly appointed two Governors, Ray Smith and Chris Pratt. Two Governors were also directly appointed by the US Assoc. Given the emails of recent days and the feedback I have received, I wanted to share a simple synopsis from my personal experience at this early stage.

Firstly, it has been a busy period getting up to speed. There is, in the words of my fellow Governor Peter Duncan, “a lot of wood to chop!” On a positive note, there is a strong commitment from the new IGC to improve engagement, governance and communication. Commitment to a regular meeting framework (not previously in place), a new and expanded ODTC and progression of framework of a Class audit have all been put in place in the first month of the new IGC. 

Secondly, the major issue before the IGC is the resolution of the Mould 11 issue. You will have read Andy Cumming's email and Mark Roberts' position. The issue is complex, has been on foot for some time and requires resolution. 

In terms of the current situation, based on World Sailing’s advice, Mould 11 is not a registered mould of the class. While this does have implications for the legality of boats built from it and it is unclear why the mould was not registered when it was built in 2011, importantly, the Australian Association is actively commencing the certification process with World Sailing. This process will be comprehensive, and I am pleased that this matter will sit with World Sailing as the Authority of our Class. This process will no doubt appropriately address and ensure the continuing One Design approach of our class, which has been central to its success for 50 years.

As for the boats, per our class rules, the determination of the legality of a boat (ie the issue or withdrawal of its World Sailing plaque) ultimately rests with World Sailing. From a competition perspective, it is clear from my discussions with many of you this week, that as a fleet, we will continue to welcome all of our fleet members to race with and against us, and we look forward to doing so. M11 boats can also continue to compete at regattas such as the upcoming NSW State Championship. Until and unless WS determine to withdraw plaques, there is no need to revisit this.

No doubt the Class, for all of its strengths, has some issues to resolve, but equally, close to home, we enjoy a growing fleet, have established a Youth program and continue to provide the best racing around. We can always improve, and to that end, if you have any issues you’d like to discuss, please do get in touch.

Finally, the Fleet will host a Fleet Forum next Wednesday evening after racing at approximately 1930hrs. Mark Roberts and I will be in attendance to discuss these matters and address your questions regarding the Class. We will also circulate a Zoom link for those unable to attend in person. 

Mike Tyquin
Sydney Fleet Captain


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