Fleet meeting on Saturday before racing

The season is off to a good start with mixed conditions and good numbers. We have had a successful development day with about 20 people having their first Etchells experience. Last week’s Club Championship in a fresh westerly was a great day out and pretty interesting.
By now you will have received a Notice of Special General Meeting that has been called to propose changes to sail acquisition process and limits. I encourage you all to review the proposals. 
There are a number of issues that are unclear about this proposal as there was no explanatory note and the voting process is unclear (are proxies allowed?) and I have sought further information.
The proposals themselves, particularly the abolition of sail acquisition limits, are arguably the biggest rule changes that our class has seen in 50 years. The Fleet Committee has considered the proposals and has significant concerns on the basis of increasing cost and complexity - two issues which the Class has managed well and that have made the Class attractive over the years. Having said that, we are open to some reasonable reform to sail acquisition limits.
We are keen to ensure that all views are considered and will hold a short meeting this Saturday 26 October at RSYS on the lower terrace at 1030hrs to discuss. The Fleet Committee will then take the Fleet’s position back to the IGC. I apologise for the short notice; if you cannot make it please do call or email me should you have any questions or comments.

Mike Tyquin
Fleet Captain

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